Do You Have Your Own Online Buying Audience?


Step 1

Have you identified the #1 online platform your target market is using?

Step 2

Do you have a systematic approach to consistently grow this audience?

Step 3

Do you have a systemised online posting plan aimed at increasing user engagement?

Step 4

Do you have the ability to direct market to your online audience & make additional revenue whenever you like?

Building An Online Audience Builds Like, Trust, Authority & Increased Revenue

Grow Your Own Audience

When you decide to advertise in print media - you are actually paying for the exposure to the media owners readership. The good thing is that you can obtain pretty quick access to a large volume of people, who may be interested in what you have to offer (if you advertise in a niche specific resource), or have no direct correlation to your product or service (such as advertising in a newspaper). The bad thing is that the people who see your ad aren't actually looking ot buy right now, and don't know who you are. Unless you are a big company like McDonalds, this kind of brand based advertising can get pretty expensive.

Advertise To People Who Already Like You

A cost effective approach would be to only advertise directly to an audience who at the bare minimum know who you are, and over time will grow to like and trust you. Wouldn't it make more sense to advertise to this group of people - of course it does. The beauty of today is that you have a plethora of choice when it comes to building your online audience. The main consideration you need to be aware of is where which platform does your ideal customer utilise.

No matter which social media platform is best for you, we highly recommend choosing one platform to share your content, and grow your audience. Once you have your process streamlined, then you can look to move to an additional platform. Above all, you need to build an email list so you can effectively build a relationship with your audience. An effective content marketing strategy that includes consistent email list growth methodologies is quite often overlooked in todays business environment.

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We understand that the value of your business increases significantly if you have a system that gives you direct access to a buying audience who know, like and trust you. When you have direct access to this kind of online audience, you are in a position of determining predictable revenue. Your marketing activities will create consistent results and as such allow you to accurately predict how much money you make before you undertake your campaign.