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May 1, 2017
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What’s New With Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn Rolls Out Matched Audiences: LinkedIn introduced Matched Audiences, “a set of targeting capabilities that give you the unique ability to combine LinkedIn’s powerful professional data with your own first-party data.” With Matched Audiences, members can engage key accounts, prospects, and audiences “that matter most to [their] business with three new capabilities.” These capabilities include Website Retargeting (a fantastic lead generation strategy), which allows businesses to market to LinkedIn members who visited their website with always-on campaigns. LinkedIn also rolled out the ability to engage prospects from your list of contacts with Contact Targeting and reach decision-makers and influencers at companies you’re targeting with Account Targeting.

Facebook now allows content owners to claim ad earnings from freebooted videos.

Facebook Allows Content Owners to Claim Ad Revenues From Freebooted Videos: Facebook updated the Rights Manager to include a new option that allows content owners to “claim ad earnings” generated from a piece of content that other users have taken from them and uploaded elsewhere. For example, if a freebooted video happens to be served a new mid-roll ad break that Facebook is currently testing, then the resulting revenue could automatically be sent to the content’s rightful owner instead of the infringing user who uploaded it.

In addition to the right to claim ad earnings from their videos, content owners can also set automated rules for instantly blocking infringing uploads from being viewed. Content owners also have the option to allow matched videos to be seen and have access to the viewing metrics or request that they be manually reviewed by Facebook. These updates are being rolled out to pages using Rights Manager globally over “the coming weeks.”

Facebook Messenger Lite is now available in more countries around the world.

Facebook marketing Brings Messenger Lite to More Countries: Facebook announced that Messenger Lite is now available to more countries around the world including Germany, Colombia, Italy, Vietnam, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Turkey, Japan, Taiwan, and the Netherlands. Facebook highlights the benefits of using Messenger Lite on older phones with limited processing power, but it’s also helpful in areas with spotty or unreliable Internet connections.

What’s Up With Linkedin

LinkedIn Reaches 500 Million Members Worldwide: LinkedIn reached an important milestone of “half a billion members in 200 countries connecting and engaging with one another” on its platform.  LinkedIn also provided insights on the “top 5 most connected” industries, countries, and jobs within the LinkedIn community and the average number of contacts, companies, and opportunities each connection in your personal LinkedIn network reaches.

Along with this announcement, LinkedIn announced an upcoming update to the My Network tab that will provide personalized insights on “the top connections you’ve already made and how each person can help you work toward your career goals.”

LinkedIn reached an important milestone of having half a billion members in 200 countries connecting and engaging with one another on its platform.

Twitter‘s total revenue shrinks for the first time as ad revenue decline

Twitter Adds 9 Million New Monthly Average Users in Q1 2017: In its Q1 2017 Earnings, Twitter shares that it has averaged 9 million added monthly users this past quarter. It also streamed over 800 hours of live premium video content and added 45 million unique viewers this past quarter as well. Yet Twitter’s overall revenue declined year over year for the first time and advertising revenue across all ad formats shrank for the second straight quarter in a row. The report states that live video has become Twitter’s “single largest revenue-generating ad format” in Q1 2017, while promoted tweets and direct-response ad formats declined year over year.

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