A Quality Reputation Management System Includes...


Step 1

A process that asks your customers for feedback, resulting in positive online Google reviews

Step 2

A process that engages proactive online listening techniques for mentions of your brand, business, or service offering

Step 3

Branded content creation that highlights the benefit of doing business with you, how you fix problems, and how you are the best in your market

Step 4

Pro active SEO methodologies in place to ensure that when your brand, business, or service offering is searched for on Google, only the most highly relevant and trust building pieces of content show up on the first page

Your Online Reputation Is Defined By What is On Google Search

Your Online Reviews

Now more than every, your potential customers will take the time to check you out online before deciding to buy from you, or even give you a call for that matter. Your online marketing plan needs to take into consideration that we as consumers are looking for one thing - which is a reason NOT to buy. Due to a lack of an established relationship, there is no actual trust, and as such we want confirmation that someone before us has successfully undertaken the process we are thinking about taking. The first sign of negativity, and the back button is clicked and the customer is looking for someone else.

Manage Your Reputation

Take a moment and think about how many customers you service in any given week, then multiply that by 52. Now take a look at how many online reviews you have. Fair to say it's only a very small fraction. In some instances, you may only have negative comments... ouch. When you don't have a system that results in positive online reviews being posted for you, your online reputation is not presented fairly. Take the time to put a system in place that allows your customers to give you some feedback via an online review so you can pain a more realistic online picture of who you really are.

Branded Page 1 Search

An effective web marketing strategy is able to attract the attention of a potential new customer (sometimes referred to as a "cold lead"), and turn them into a warm lead (someone who now knows about you and has developed a level of trust). Your online reputation can assist with this process by having trust building content showing on the first page of Google when someone searches for your business, product or service.

Take some time and see what comes up on the first page for your business. More than likely your website will be #1, however generally after that will be some business listings, or other non trust building properties that are readily available for your potential customer to click on and check you out further. In some instances, you may even find competitors ranking for your brand...not good. You want the entire page 1 results to be properties that highlight how great you are, how you help people solve problems, and your ability to do what you say you do. Properties such as video, testimonials, and your facebook fan page are great examples to use.

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Your online reputation is an area that is neglected by most business owners. A simple search of your competitors on Google will quickly determine their lack of adoption, of this rarely used strategy. We'll work with you to create a trust level so high, the difference between you and your competitors will be like night and day. In the online search space, you only have a few seconds to differentiate yourself from you competitors. Your online reviews and subsequent trust building first page branded properties is the most optimal way to position yourself as the only business of choice.