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Step 1

Have you claimed your Google My Business (GMB) listing, and if so, is it optimised?

Step 2

How many business listings do you have compared to your competitors, is your NAP (name address phone number) consistent across the internet?

Step 3

Do you have content on your site that covers your entire market, broken down into niches thereby providing authoritative quality content to your visitors?

Step 4

Do you have other niche relevant, high authority websites linking to your site? How many do you have compared to your competitors?

Google Rewards Websites That Are Relevant, Authoritative and Trustworthy

Understand The Game

You have to understand the rules of the game if you want to be successful with SEO in Perth. Failure to get it right can have sever penalties such as your site ranking poorly, or even being de-indexed (not shown anymore) on Google search. SEO is not for everyone. It is a marketing methodology that takes time to get results. If you are after a boost in traffic and revenue immediately, then SEO is not the best option for you. It is however a strategy that will reap rewards over and over again, for years to come. For those willing to invest in the long game, you will not find a better marketing ROI.

You Get What
You Pay For

As with most things in life, cheaper is not always best, and SEO services certainly fit into that category. SEO providers who offer cheap services will invest in cheap methodologies that are extremely risky with a huge potential for permanently harming your website. Be very careful who you trust with the future of your online presence. If you were sick, would you go to the cheapest doctor, or the one who got the job done right the first time? Do yourself a huge favour and only entrust your websites future with someone you have created a personable relationship with.

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Unlike most digital agencies, we aren't interested in invoicing you for "billable hours" work. We understand the process that needs to be undertaken in order to achieve your desired objective, and to be quite blunt, we simply get the job done. Our core focus is to bring your business a positive return on your marketing investment ASAP. Our web marketing strategies begin with your ROI as the cornerstone of our methodology. If you are looking for a team that genuinely cares about achieving a desired outcome, while ensuring a positive and personal working relationship, then we are the team for you.