The New Trends For SEO in 2017

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May 1, 2017
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seo trends for 2017

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SEO Trends in 2017

In an ever changing local SEO landscape it pays to keep up to speed with what is new, hot, working, and anticipated to give your business the edge.  The online world is no different, with business owners looking for that head start that can get them to the front of the queue when it comes to gaining exposure to their online audience.

In 2017 the following 5 areas will be an opportunity to gain that edge so you can continue to have an effective online experience.

It’s All About The User Experience

It’s long been advised by Google themselves that the greater the user experience, the more likely your site is to be rewarded with a higher exposure level in the search engine rankings.  The following areas can assist you with improving in this area:

  1. Create content that actually helps your readers fix problems.  This will result in more visits to your pages, more time on site, and reduce your bounce rate – all factors Google takes in to consideration when considering your SEO value.
  2. Make your content sharable.  Content that helps people will lends itself to being shared and as such potentially turns your content into a viral piece of content.  Social signals indicates your sites popularity and worthiness to be on page 1 of the SERPS.
  3. Be consistent with your content.  Regular content updates will result in a following, which can lend itself to the above points.  Additionally, consistent content creation allows more relevant content to be found online, bringing you new visitors and potential increased revenue.

Increase Your Rich Snippet Visibility

When looking to mark up your content structured data , you are assisting Google to understand the actual content context for display in Search.  When users use Google search, this action will assist in achieveing a greater level of visibility and distribution for your content. This is achieved by marking up content properties and enabling actions where relevant.  Once this has been completed, your content is then eligible to be included in Rich Cards and Rich Snippets. At times, your users are able to interact with your content directly from search.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

An Accelerated Mobile Page (or AMP, for short) can be defined as a project from Google and Twitter which was designed to make really fast mobile pages. Essentially they are a stripped back form of HTML that allows your content to be shown a lot faster and as such creating a more efficient mobile user experience.

The idea behind the AMP concept is removal of all bloated code normally found in a web page, allowing a super fast mobile page load.  This concept originated with Twitter and Google, with additional organisations following suit.   Being an open source pr0ject, means there are various elements to the project.

In a nutshell, if you want to be in the game when it comes to mobile search, you have to have AMP pages in order to compete on one of the major ranking factors for Google which is page load time.


Local Search SEO

Google ranking factors for SEO take into account the location of the searcher, as well as any location keywords being utilised.  In 2017, this is only going to grows in importance as a ranking factor.  Google users are becoming well versed in the fact that results are providing results that are relevant to their location and enjoying this user experience.  Users looking for a local service are using queries such as “limousine hire near me“.  Additionally users looking for geographical services are including their required area in their search phrase such as “roofing Perth

Local business can take advantage of this trend by ensuring their website content is relevant for their main service areas.  This will ensure that your website will be relevant when your ideal client is searching for your services within your area.




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