Not Generating Leads From Your Website? Do You...


Step 1

Do you have a system in place that provides a quality resource in exchange for your visitors email address so you can start to build a relationship with them?

Step 2

Do you have an automated email follow up sequence that continues to build and foster a relationship with your email database, with an aim of building like, trust, authority, and sales?

Step 3

Do you have regular new quality content on your site that continues to help your ideal target market solve their problems, thereby continuing to position you as the market authority?

Step 4

Are you building a retargeting audience from everyone that visits your website? Do you then have a systemised advertising campaign to continue to market to these interested people all over the internet?

On Average Only 2% of Visitors To Your Site Are Ready To Buy. How Are You Monetising The Remaining 98%?

Build Your Email List

The name of the game is like, trust and authority. When someone lands on your website, most times you don't have any credit in any of these areas. You can start to gain some traction due to the content on your website, which can be built on during a contact via a phone call or email enquiry. The problem here is that you will only get the opportunity to do this with the 2% of people ready to take action. The biggest opportunity for any type of business is to build a relationship with the other 98% of people who simply aren't ready to buy right now.

Offer Real Value

In order for a visitor to give you their email address, you need to offer some real value. Asking people to sign up to your newsletter or some other obscure message simply won't work. People are only interested in what can help them, or make their life better. Here's a tip. There is something in your world that you do really well that helps people a lot. You may even charge for this information. Take this information and put it into a format that can be consumed by your website visitors after opting into your email list. Providing something of real value, something that can actually help people will go a long way to increasing your email subscriber conversions, in addition to your like, trust and authority.

Build Your Retargeting List

Put simply, a retargeting list is a list of people who have visited your website. When a visitor lands on your site a cookie is placed on their computer (very legal), which then allows you to direct market to them via advertising mediums such as Facebook and Google etc. Why is this a good thing? Now when it comes time to do your paid advertising, instead of advertising to the masses who have no idea who you are, you can directly advertise to people who already know about you, and have expressed an interest in what you have to offer. A pretty powerful addition to your website lead generation strategy, and makes a lot more sense right?

Advanced Retargeting Strategies

Ideally you would like to know which of your visitors are more interested in what you have to offer that others. The best way to deduce this is by your visitors interaction levels such as how much time they spent on your site, how many pages of content they clicked on, and how far down a page did they scroll. With advanced retargeting methods, you can now achieve this. Once you have your retargeting audience, you can advertise to everyone or just a small segment such as those that highly engage with your site. For example, you can choose to only advertise to those people that stayed on your site for longer that 90 seconds, scrolled down more than halfway on your page, and visited more than one webpage. Focusing on your highly engaged visitors will increase your marketing ROI dramatically

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